Suspect Arrested on Murder Charges in Missing Person Case

The Enterprise Police Department has obtained an arrest warrant for Murder in the missing person case of Ayanna Smith.  The EPD Criminal Investigations Division has been working closely with the Coffee County District Attorney’s Office to secure a warrant based on numerous interviews and physical evidence in this case.  EPD Detectives and the Coffee County District Attorney’s Office are confident that probable cause does exist based on the information obtained in this investigation.

Ayanna Smith has been missing since January 21, 2017 and was reported missing on January 23, 2017. Although Smith’s body has not been located at this time, the Enterprise Police Department believes that Smith was the victim foul play.  EPD Detectives executed an arrest warrant on Malcom Theotis Hunter, age 29, of Enterprise, AL at 3:30 PM at Enterprise City Hall.  This investigation is on-going and EPD Detectives will continue working to locate Ayanna Smith.

The Enterprise Police Department received assistance in the search and criminal investigation from the following agencies: Coffee County Sheriff’s Office and Posse, Geneva County SO, Dale County SO, Houston County SO, Dothan Police Department, Dothan PD Crime Lab, Level Plains Police Department, Daleville Police Department, US Marshalls, Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, Southwest Panhandle Search and Rescue, Sarasota Florida K9 Search and Rescue, and Wiregrass Aviation Support.