Scam Alert


The Enterprise police Department would like to inform the public of a phone scam that has shown up recently in the Enterprise area. The potential victim may receive a phone call from a subject purporting to be an officer/deputy from a law enforcement agency. 

The caller will inform the potential victim that arrest warrants have been issued for failure to appear for jury duty.  The caller will then give instructions on how to obtain a green dot card (similar to a money order) for a certain dollar amount from Rite Aid to use as a surety bond.  The caller may inform the potential victim that their phone is being tracked and insist that you remain on the line to ensure that the green dot card is being purchased.  The scammers have voicemail systems set up as a law enforcement agency for any returned calls.   The Enterprise Police Department received information that the scam callers have claimed to be representatives of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office and the Coffee County Sheriff’s Office during this investigation.  These scams are very elaborate including numerous details about law enforcement procedures and names of law enforcement officers and court officers   

The Enterprise Police Department and the Coffee County Sheriff’s Office would like to encourage all citizens to contact their local law enforcement agency if you receive this type of call.