The Enterprise Police Department's Communications Unit is the primary public safety answering point for all 911 calls for the City of Enterprise and its extended police, fire, and medical jurisdictions. The Communications Center operates 24 hours, 7 days a week. Dispatchers receive advanced training throughout the year to help retain their skills and introduce them to new Information.


The Communications Center is the direct link between the public and officers in the field and provides service to our community. Dispatchers must be able to field numerous incoming calls each day, determine the best course of action, and forward that information to the appropriate resource. Not only must dispatchers be able to handle these calls for assistance, they must also monitor multiple radio frequencies, dispatch calls to the police units, access a variety of local, state, and federal databases, assign report numbers, and track officer activity in the field.

Dispatchers often encounter irate, frustrated, or frightened callers needing help. During emergency situations, dispatchers must operate calmly and efficiently in order to control the flow of information. Because each incoming call may vary from a request for general information to a report of a life-threatening incident, the dispatcher must ask specific questions and control the conversation to accurately prioritize the call and assign it to a police officer or other appropriate field unit. The quicker we can gather pertinent details - what occurred, what do involved parties look like, what vehicles (if any) are involved and what the vehicles look like, etc. - the quicker the responding officers will be provided that information. Obtaining pertinent information rapidly is a very crucial part of a dispatcher's job.

Communications Contact Numbers

  • Emergencies Phone: 911
  • Non-Emergencies Phone: 334-347-2222
Only Call 911 to Report

  • A serious crime
  • A fire
  • Any serious medical condition
  • Any situation requiring immediate response of police, fire or emergency medical personnel
What the 911 Operator Will Need to Verify

  • Address of the emergency
  • Phone number you are calling from
  • Nature of the emergency
Stay calm, speak clearly, be prepared to answer questions, receive instructions and stay on the phone until you are told to hang up!